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Independent Investigation Update

The Jesus Fellowship Church recently commissioned an independent investigation into the handling of non-recent allegations of abuse.

The investigation sought to conclude as to whether the main leadership of the Church were responsible for any acts, omissions or collusion affecting the proper handling of these allegations.

A Joint Evaluation Group met in the last week of September 2018 to review the report of the investigation. This group comprises representatives from the Northamptonshire Police, Jesus Fellowship Church, social services and safeguarding consultants CCPAS.

The Police said they need further time to evaluate its contents and have asked us not to release any elements of the report until they have done so.

We know that various interested parties are waiting to hear the results of this investigation. We understand and respect their need for further information.

We are keen to hear from the Police at the next Joint Evaluation Group meeting on October 31st. Following that meeting, we hope that we will be able to release the summary report and talk more about next steps.

We will provide more information when it becomes available.

For further help please contact Laurence Cooper

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