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Royal wedding invitation for recovering alcoholic who set up Sheffield support group

A recovering addict from Sheffield who is helping others after his alcohol dependency nearly cost him his life will join the royal wedding celebrations.
[Source: The Star Published: Wednesday, 16 April, 2018]

New life, new problems for Sheffield’s Slovaks

Housing and social problems trouble Sheffield’s new migrants by Martin Wainwright.
Source: Published: Wednesday, 16 January, 2008

The birth of a new religion

by Anna Brosnan
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 7 January, 2008

Jesus Army’s troops invade riverside

Jesus Army in Worcester.
Source: Worcester News Published: Thursday, 10 August, 2006

Church opens doors to clubbers

Would you stagger into a church after clubbing or pubbing? In Northampton, you can.
Source: BBC Northamptonshire Published: Friday, 10 February, 2006

John the Dippers legacy

History of Bugbrooke chapel
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 21 February, 2005

March for Jesus

The ‘flash mob’
Source: Sheffield Star Published: Thursday, 28 October, 2004

Fellowship sets up a prison rehab scheme

Hoax bomber is latest convict to benefit from religious organisation.
Source: Daventry Express Published: Friday, 29 March, 2002

Bomb hoaxer is told ‘Join church’

Judge tells woman to live with Jesus Fellowship.
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Thursday, 28 March, 2002

Jesus Army helped killer kick drugs

Source: Daventry Express Published: Thursday, 31 May, 2001

Chapel is back in service

An ancient Northamptonshire chapel has opened its doors to Sunday worshippers once more after years of occasional use.
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Wednesday, 21 February, 2001

Joining the EA ‘family’

Controversial churches welcomed into Alliance membership
Source: Christian Herald Published: Saturday, 29 July, 2000

Numbers grow as EA agrees to multiply

Source: Idea (Evangelical Alliance Magazine) Published: Saturday, 1 May, 1999

Jesus Army help for prostitutes

Group is camping out in notorious red-light districts.
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Tuesday, 26 January, 1999

Hundreds flock to Jesus Army’s weekly ‘Techno’ evenings in hall

Upbeat service is a big winner for teenagers.
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 7 September, 1998

Probing the Jesus Army

Source: Aware Magazine Published: Wednesday, 1 February, 1995

Fire in our Hearts: the Story of the Jesus Fellowship

review by Nigel Wright
Source: Renewal Magazine (now Christianity Magazine) Published: Monday, 1 June, 1992

On the march

Clare Jenkins meets the Mattacola family, members of the Jesus Army and “mainline Christians”
Source: Times Educational Suppliment Published: Friday, 27 December, 1991

Joy division

The stormtroopers of the evangelical revolution are coming to save us all – whether we are ready or not, Adam LeBor meets the Jesus Army.
Source: Elle Magazine Published: Friday, 1 November, 1991

Rock onward christian soldiers

Born-again youngsters find happiness belting out their love for Jesus.
Source: Daily Mirror Published: Tuesday, 5 March, 1991

Hungry for Souls

The evangelicals are on the march – out of the church, down the corridors of power and on to the air waves. But is their fervour bringing with it a dangerous intolerance?
Source: The Independent on Sunday Published: Sunday, 13 January, 1991

Native Land – the Jesus Army

Excerpt from Native Land, published 1989 by ‘Viking Penguin Books Ltd.’ This section based on a Channel 4 broadcast
Source: Viking Penguin Books Published: Tuesday, 1 August, 1989

Christian soldiers march!

Source: Northampton Mercury and Herald Published: Friday, 24 April, 1987

Jesus People go on Parade

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 21 October, 1985

Bugbrooke – It’s life, work and witness

Story by Lewis Misselbrook
Source: Baptist Times Published: Saturday, 24 May, 1980

Bugbrooke (an overview)

Story by Lewis Misselbrook
Source: Baptist Times Published: Thursday, 24 April, 1980

The Jesus People of Bugbrooke

They meet in the Baptist Church – and for some it has meant an end to drugs and violence by Yvonne Roberts.
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Thursday, 24 April, 1980

Sharing goods and possessions

Source: Northampton Mercury and Herald Published: Thursday, 30 June, 1977

The Pastor speaks…

by Dick Perfect
Source: Evangelism Today Published: Thursday, 1 August, 1974

The power and the glory of old style prayer

Shaun Usher The Mail TV Critic
Source: Daily Mail Published: Wednesday, 26 June, 1974

The Bugbrooke phenomenon

Tony Smith and Simon Reed report from a village in the grip of religious fervour
Source: Northants Evening Telegraph Published: Tuesday, 25 June, 1974

Bugbrooke, where alleluias come bigger and noisier

Inside Television by Alex Coleman
Source: TV Times Published: Saturday, 25 May, 1974

Following the Instructions of Jesus – to the Letter

by Stewart Sorensen
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 20 May, 1974

‘Jesus People’ Reason for Recovery of Drug Addict

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Thursday, 29 November, 1973

Jesus in Bugbrooke

by Ivan Ruff
Source: New Society Published: Thursday, 20 September, 1973

In the Village Where Religion is a Singing, Swinging Affair

by Leslie Watkins
Source: Daily Mail Published: Sunday, 16 September, 1973

Drug Girl May Die in 7 Years – Solicitor

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Thursday, 6 September, 1973

Concert Ends ‘Jesus’ Festival

Source: Northants Evening Telegraph Published: Tuesday, 29 August, 1972

Over 200 Stage a Jesus Crusade

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 28 August, 1972

Jesus Movement Took Youth off Path to Borstal

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Tuesday, 6 June, 1972

Rain Fails to Damp Fire of ‘Jesus People’ (an overview)

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Friday, 24 September, 1971

Singing Crusaders in T-shirts

by Dick Murray
Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Saturday, 14 August, 1971
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