Jesus people, loving people

Christian soldiers march!

[Source: Northampton Mercury and Herald Published: Friday, 24 April, 1987]

A Newly formed army of Christian soldiers in Northampton has pledged to save the victims of vice.

More than 500 followers of the Jesus People marched through town centre streets on Easter weekend.

Led by preacher Noel Stanton, the Jesus Army plans to rescue young street girls, rent boys and others caught up in vice.

With the slogan “we fight for you”, the fanatical followers plan to tackle the problems of drugs and crime.

Members of the Bugbrooke-based religious community wore army style uniforms as they marched towards the Guildhall waving banners and singing songs.

They held a service at the Guildhall and later staged crowded gatherings at the Golden Marquee, pitched at one of the main Jesus Fellowship houses, Cornhill Manor near Pattishall.

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