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Church opens doors to clubbers

[Source: BBC Northamptonshire Published: Friday, 10 February, 2006]

Would you stagger into a church after clubbing or pubbing? In Northampton, you can.

Churches are often accused of being old fashioned and offering nothing for young people. That accusation can’t be made about the Jesus Army. They’re a magnate for some young people who are not just attracted by the combat jackets and the Jesus Army’s macho approach to religion.

Every Friday night, The Jesus Army Centre in Abington Square, Northampton, opens up until about 4 O’clock the following morning.

Young Jesus Army members get together to chat over tea and coffee. They play keyboards, sing, dance and generally let their hair down.

The event, called Fluid, is a far cry from a disco in the church hall. They also open their doors to any passing clubbers or pub goers.

Fluid is the brainchild of Nathan Whites: “How many times have you got to the end of your night and you’re not ready to go home yet? You just want to go and chill out somewhere. Then Fluid is there. Everyone’s welcome. It doesn’t matter what condition, what state you’re in or what sort of person you are.”

It’s also a good opportunity for Nathan and his mates to try to convert people to the Jesus Army’s beliefs. “Definitely,” Nathan admits. “We’re here to promote Jesus”.

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