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Concert Ends ‘Jesus’ Festival

[Source: Northants Evening Telegraph Published: Tuesday, 29 August, 1972]

What the self-termed “Jesus people” may have lacked in numbers they certainly made up for in enthusiasm on the final day of their bank holiday festival yesterday.

The final part of the festival took the form of an all-day concert at Nether Heyford with groups with names like “The Jesus Revolution” and “Compassion'” performing.

Interspersed with this were community hymn singing sessions and “Jesus shouts” in which the audience made themselves hoarse shouting out the letter to make up the word Jesus.

Each song was greeted enthusiastically and the impromptu sermons given by some of the performers were wildly cheered.

It was reminiscent of a Salvation Army tea party turned hippy with the same type of religious fervour and same brand of tambourine swinging evangelism.

As part of the so-called Jesus life-style, people wandered around shaking hands and in some cases hugging each other with the almost compulsory “‘God be praised” greeting.

But a crowd of only about 200 still appeared quite small on a green large enough to hold about ten times that number.

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