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Jesus Army’s troops invade riverside

[Source: Worcester News Published: Thursday, 10 August, 2006]

Jesus Army in Worcester.

The Jesus Army gave an impromptu performance to passers-by during a riverside summer picnic.

The group – which visited Worcester yesterday on the first of a two-day trip – enjoyed the sun while practising their hymms and strumming on guitars.

James Stacey, leader of the Coventry-based Christian group, said they received a warm welcome from the public as they sat by the river off Croft Road near the city centre.

“We have found that so far Worcester has been a very friendly place,” he said.

He said the group, which of a UK-wide organisation, was visiting the city to spread their message and meet new people.

“Perhaps something that makes us unusual is that we are quite public about our identity,” he said. “It’s that sense of wanting to take the Christian message to the people. We have been talking to those who would like to talk to us and offering to pray for people, perhaps if they have things they would like support with.”

The group moved on into the city centre in the afternoon to sing and hand out their free newspaper.

He said they would also be visiting the city today.

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