Jesus people, loving people

Jesus People go on Parade

[Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Monday, 21 October, 1985]

Five hundred chanting Jesus People paraded their message through Northampton.

Members of the Bugbrooke Jesus Fellowship marched through the town centre on Saturday afternoon shouting: “Jesus lives” and holding banners, proclaiming Jesus Loves You and Jesus Sets You Free.

The fellowship is camped in a huge marquee at Midsummer Meadow until Sunday and they set off on their Praise the Lord march at 1 pm.

The marquee, which has been touring the Midlands, arrived in Northampton on Wednesday. So far there has been no trouble, though, in a recent visit to Coventry, louts threw petrol bombs at the worshippers’ canvas home.

Fellowship spokesman David Hawker said: “We’ve got a fairly bold campaign to combat various social evils such as racism and violence. We stand for a righteous and Godly society. We have managed to help a lot of people recently who have been taken in by drugs and the like. We’ve changed their lives completely.”

Leaflets were handed to shoppers and Mr. Hawker declared: “It went very well indeed.”

Lunchtime and evening religious meeting are being held at the golden-coloured marquee every day.

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