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‘Jesus People’ Reason for Recovery of Drug Addict

[Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo Published: Thursday, 29 November, 1973]

Since living with the "Jesus People" a man who was a drug addict had made a recovery that was nothing short of remarkable, his solicitor said yesterday.

Mr. Peter Bennett, acting for Michael Vay, told Northampton Borough magistrates that "there is now a real possibility that he is going to make a go of it.

"He was almost a no-hoper. It is nothing short of a remarkable recovery," he said.

"Since living with the Jesus people, he has been making steps to become a more pleasant and more sociable person," said Mr. Bennett.

Day, aged 24, appeared at Court yesterday for sentence which had been deferred from a previous hearing, on two charges of possessing Amphetamine and one of stealing a skirt from a boutique.

He pleaded guilty to all the charges.

On his previous appearance at court, said Mr. Bennett, it was stated in a probation officer's report that Day had been" going downhill in every respect".

Settled in

"He was becoming more dependent on drugs and was unable to work," he added.

Day was taken into the care of the "Jesus people" members of the Bugbrooke Chapel Fellowship.

Mr. Kelvin Bartholomew of 19 Great Lane, Bugbrooke, with whom Day has been living, said in Court: "Since the end of July he has been living with my wife and I. When he first came he was nervous and jumpy but now he has settled in.

"He attends as many meetings as possible at church," said Mr. Bartholomew, "and I have not seen any direct evidence of his taking drugs."

He said he was concerned about Day's old friends, stating that it was "virtually impossible to get away from old friends who dabble in drugs."

The Rev. Noel Stanton said, however, "All the signs are that he is virtually off drugs completely."

"As far as we are concerned there is no evidence at all to show that he is on drugs.

"He has improved in mind and personality. He has accepted the discipline at the house very well and I see no reason why he should not make good progress," said Mr Stanton.

"He has become very well integrated with the community at Bugbrooke. He has a Christian girlfriend and he has been in work."

Addressing the magistrates, Mr. Bennett said: "Day says he is off drugs now. He has been offered drugs but has refused them.

"If you are satisfied that the drug problem is solved I would ask you to be very lenient with him."

Day was given a conditional discharge on all three charges for 12 months.

Chairman of the bench, Mr. K. G. Harland, said after passing sentence: "The court wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Stanton."

And speaking to Day he said: "We hope you will continue to show appreciation. You might not have had long to live. If you can prove that you can keep out of trouble for 12 months you are not likely to get into trouble again."

A film unit from Thames Television were waiting outside the court to interview the people concerned in the case. They are making a documentary film about the Jesus People at Bugbrooke.

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