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March for Jesus

[Source: Sheffield Star Published: Thursday, 28 October, 2004]

The ‘flash mob’

Hundreds of young Christians in bright clothes descended on Sheffield city centre, for the country’s biggest “flash mob” public celebration of their faith.

The ‘Big Love Flash Mob’ brought together 400 churchgoers for a march from Ponds Forge to Fargate, and to play trance music outside the virgin megastore.

Believed to be the biggest christian event of its kind, it was organised by the Jesus Fellowship, otherwise known as the Jesus Army.

It said the aim was to celebrate life and shake-up images of christians as ‘people that stay at home.’

Flash mobbing, a spontanoeous gathering organised secretly by email, began in new york, but events have sprung up in the UK.

Hundreds of young Christains were alerted to the Sheffield gathering by text message, email and the internet, told where to meet, and asked to wear something bright.

Organiser Laurance Cooper, from the Jesus Army said “I was taken back at how many people turned up. It was the biggest Christian flash mob demonstration in the UK. We need to show people that here we are, and that as Christians we are loud and proud.”

“We caught people unawares and there was a great atmosphere”

He hopes the event will also make people think more about the Christian faith.

“I want to change people’s perceptions about what being a christian is about. Is it about going to church or is it more about what you do with with your life, and the place that God has in your life? I hope there may be a few people will think and ask questions”

The event on Saturday coincided with the Jesus Fellowship Praise Day in Ponds Forge. To find out more see the website:

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