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Numbers grow as EA agrees to multiply

[Source: Idea (Evangelical Alliance Magazine) Published: Saturday, 1 May, 1999]

One of the latest groups to join the Evangelical Alliance is the Multiply Christian Network, which links more than 30 churches in England and Wales with others abroad.

Multiply was initiated in 1992 by the Jesus Fellowship Church, which withdrew its own membership from the Alliance in 1986 due to relational issues. Since then, positive efforts have been made by the leadership to improve their contact and working relationships with the wider Christian constituency at both local and national levels.

During the past three years, informal contact has been taking place between the leadership team of the Jesus Fellowship Church and senior personnel of the Evangelical Alliance, in regard to them applying for membership. It was agreed that as a first step, Multiply should apply for membership.

While many of the churches linked to Multiply are congregations of the Jesus Fellowship Church, there are 16 other independent churches that are partners in the network. Three of these are already members of the Evangelical Alliance.

The Jesus Fellowship Church – though based in Nether Heyford, Northampton – has planted a number of congregations around Britain, each with local leaders, and the Jesus Fellowship now intends to apply on behalf of the whole church across the UK.

Having received a number of endorsements from both local and national church leaders, the Evangelical Alliance expects to approve the Jesus Fellowship Church’s application for membership later in 1999.

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