Jesus people, loving people

Sharing goods and possessions

[Source: Northampton Mercury and Herald Published: Thursday, 30 June, 1977]

In the Jesus Fellowship Church I found a group of happy people at their Sunday devotions – and you can’t knock that.

The size of the congregation was remarkable; the large hall in High Street was packed with Jesus followers.

All were chanting, singing and raising their hands in the air. They were full of conviction and of energy created by the exhilaration they were getting from the service.

Most of the members are in their twenties, but the age group goes up to the eighties. Many of the older members remained with the Rev. Noel Stanton when he developed the New Creation church four years ago. It is his energy that keeps the movement going and the members flock around him when he-preaches.

To join the movement requires a lot of sacrifice, but those who join say the sacrifice is justified by the contentment they get from the church and what it stands for.

The fellowship owns the old rectory, once the home of the Harrison family and has renamed it “New Creation Hall.” Within a 20 mile radius of Bugbrooke it has numerous houses, shops and about 1,000 acres of farmland.

Income from what they produce is invested to keep the community going and material possessions previously owned by those who joined the church are handed over to the fellowship.

Mr. Stanton assured me that this is entirely voluntary and that many place their money in the keeping of the fellowship as a loan for investment. If they decide to leave it can be reclaimed.

Mr. Stanton said: “The New Creation Christian community forms a major part of the congregation at Bugbrooke chapel. The community consists of people of various ages and backgrounds and includes families and single people.

“So far as Bugbrooke is concerned the main community house is the former Bugbrooke Hall. Accommodation is predominantly fully-equipped flats but life is run on a community basis with community masses and meetings.

The basic aim of community life is to live in accordance with the teachings of Christ and with the practices of the early church which was a community where goods and possessions were shared.

“The community operates as a contributive society and the members contribute possessions and income.

“By its very nature the community holds a somewhat isolated position from the rest of society, but the members desire to show respect to those who may differ from them in social principles, and believe they can exert a good and wholesome Christian influence upon society generally.

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