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All my life

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All my life I searched for its meaning
Thought peace and love could only be dreaming
Resigned myself to a life spent on my own.
But my heart kept crying out deep inside me
Forcing me awake to make these blind eyes see
This is not how it’s intended to be.

2. Tell me why this world is broken up while we just let it lie?
Tell me why we let our deepest longings die!
When there’s something buried in our souls
That knows that we have to got to fight
Together change the darkness into light…

So I give my life to you
Yes I vow that I’ll be true
I just can’t hold anything I’ve got back from you.
And as I’m reaching out my hands
I pledge with you I’ll always stand
This Jesus Army’s fighting strong

And together we are moving on and on and on…

NCCC © 2007 Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd

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