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Fragmented Society

The Words:

A society fragmented, broken, torn apart
Messed up and confused with a dysfunctional heart
The outward appearance tries to cover a thousand fears
Of knowing who we are and facing a thousand tears.
There’s something deep within that wants to know what’s right
But gets crushed by the pain that cannot bear the fight
I ask “Lord what can we do, to cure a broken race,
To help them find the truth and your sweet saving grace?”
I remember the words of old, an instruction to us all
“Love one another as I love you” to reach them in their fall.

See, God’s already done it; He’s shown His human face
And we are but the channels, ambassadors of His grace
We bring the news to many and spread His love around
To bring God’s great creation to a place of solid ground
I thank the Lord that in Him there is hope for all
For He’s the great redeemer who makes us beings whole

No addiction too great, no pain too small
God the great creator tends to it all
Every stone will be upturned, every wound will be healed
And we will be His ones, with Jesus as our seal

Dare you look into your heart, invite the saviour in?
Let Him shine His light into what has been so dim?
To meet Him in that place where only He can deal
With all the grief and suffering that is so very real
He loves, He loves, He loves, there’s no conditions here
Let Him be your rock in the night-time of your fear.

Open, open, open, to the king of glorious light
Through Jesus there is victory, and new creation’s sight
To live a life that’s rests in the mercy of His hands
With Jesus and our brethren we can surely stand.

NCCC © 2016 Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd

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