Jesus people, loving people

Ignite (album)

Dancing Shoes

Put on your dancing shoes The time for joy has come The days of pain are gone They’re far behind you See all around is love The oneness through His blood There’s music in our hearts For You are good For You are true For You are pure and holy Strong and mighty Prince of […]

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Rise You Downtrodden (remix)

Rise you downtrodden, Your time has come. You shall have justice, You shall have home. Rise! Copyright © Jesus Fellowship Songs 2012

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Attractive Spirit

Can’t get away from this Like a pounding in my chest Can’t calm the restlessness I’m a captive of my quest And no matter where I go See the people gotta know Like a love-bomb down inside of me It’s got to be released And I want you to be free… I’m an attractive spirit […]

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Touch the flame

Read the story behind the song at Colourful Church. What if we turned to You again What if we found the Source again What if our hearts burned bright with passion that would never end? What if You heard in heaven What if You sent Your fire down What if we let go of our lives […]

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There are many things

1. There are many things that take my affections. There are many things that grab for my attention. There are many things that take me away from You, But only one thing that leads to life. We will walk within Your presence, never turning aside. We will walk with You dear Spirit, O, the Way […]

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