Jesus people, loving people

(Look up) This is the day

A new track from the London Jesus Day host band.


Look at the world, the world that we’re in
The places we’ve been, the mess that we’re in
Look at the tears and cracks in our heart
Look at the dreams that we had fall apart

Look up. See the hope in our eyes
Stand up and feel the love in your life
Lift up your hands
You’re alive

This is the day to lift your voice
To raise a shout and make some noise
This is the day to lift your hands
Let the world know where you stand

Look at the cross that hangs on a chain
The mercy and grace that took all our pain
Look at the peace that dries all the tears
The hope that’s alive and can fill up your years


Sing to the heavens and shout to the wind
Drink in the love that you find in His name
Breathe in the life ’til you’re living again (×2)

This is the day…

NCCC © 2015 Jesus Fellowship Songs/Song Solutions/CopyCare Ltd.

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