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My Heart is Held and Planted

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The Journey album logoJesus never ceases to surprise us by the way he lifts and restores broken people. Jesus has changed so many of us and brought us home. We’ve found a family to belong to.

The old bible word “Zion” speaks of home. It’s the place God loves to live among His people, wherever they are, whatever their birth-culture or nationality. It’s created wherever people love one another with the love of Jesus.

This is the fourth song from our live album ‘The Journey‘.


My heart is held and planted in Zion,
And world and death and sorrow
Can never part this bond we have.

2. Almighty King, to You alone be given
The worship of this people
Purchased by blood and grateful.

NCCC © 1988 Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd.

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