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So you want to make a difference


So you want to make a difference,
But get frustrated that you can’t
Get rid of all that binds you up,
The fears and hate you plant.

The only way you can make that change
Is to start right there with you:
You cannot change the past,
But the future is brand new.

2. It’s a rough terrain out there you see
So put those big boots on,
And walk the path of the forgiveness trail.
Choose with others you’ll be one.

It’s not easy I know I’ve been there before,
And found the freedom so true;
Let God make the impossible
Possible for you!

3. You start to get back on your feet again
And then suddenly you fall.
You ask the question ‘why is this?’
I have never felt so small.

As you call on God again and again,
He lifts you off the floor.
You’re like a little child,
Oh we’ve been here before.

4. Brokenness you feel once more
And fear takes over your mind;
You feel like people are running ahead,
And you’re being left behind.

God’s grace comes in again and again,
And hope is up ahead.
Then another bad day comes your way,
And you are careful where you tread.

5. But let me tell you it’s ok,
Because God will pull you through.
There is light at the end of the tunnel they say,
And I tell you this is true.

God knows your grief and every thought
If you let Him enter in;
He cares to take away your pain
So that hope again can begin.

So forgiveness is a road we walk,
It’s a pathway fearfully trod;
I know I have to be walking that way
To be in step with God.

NCCC © 2011 Jesus Fellowship Songs/Song Solutions/CopyCare Ltd

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