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Take Me To The Edge

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Take me to the edge, let me see,
Up to the top mountain and over the valley.
Take me to the sea,
Where the waters always flow.
Take me to the wild, where I don’t know,
Making my way with the wolves and the sparrow.
Take me by the hand,
Where You send me I will go.

2. I can feel the wind beneath these sails,
Stirring up love for a God who will never fail.
I can feel a fire, burning in my heart,
Leading the way.
I can hear them singing victory songs;
A people who rise up to take the horizon.
It’s ringing in the air —
Jesus wins the day!

Your name above every heaven,
Your reign majestic forever,
You spoke creation into life.
I’ll run this race set before me,
I’ll trust this life for Your glory,
O God, I won’t get left behind!

I will go…

Take my life and make it ever free,
For Your name’s sake I will live and breathe.
To this adventure I hear You calling,
So I will venture into Your story.
I will go… (x2)

NCCC © 2013 Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd

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