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The Journey (album)

Take Me to the Edge

We’ve travelled. God’s led us through some beautiful, painful, incredible and ordinary places, and now the landscape looks unfamiliar. We don’t have all the answers. What does God want to say to us? Where’s He taking us next? The clouds are lifting, gradually a new horizon is coming into view. We can trust God will […]

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A Song of Worship

Looking back if there’s one big lesson we’ll take with us as we look forward, it’s the faithfulness and goodness of God. No matter our own mistakes and shortcomings God’s always worth worshipping. This is the twelfth song from our live album ‘The Journey‘.   Lyrics: We lift the name of Jesus, We lift the […]

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You’re Wonderful

Like all paths worth exploring, ours has had its share of both astonishingly beautiful moments and tough struggle, deep loss and even pain at times. Some of the most precious moments sit right next to the most painful moments. That’s the kind of place songs like ‘You’re wonderful’ come from. Through it all God has […]

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You Walked Among the People

It’s amazing to think how down-to-earth Jesus was. The son of God, out among the people, and “the common people heard him gladly”. ‘Jesus Army’ has been our outreach identity for many years. Jesus calls us to be out there among the people, demonstrating his love, being a friend to everyone, saints and sinners alike. […]

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Come and See

Jesus said his kingdom is like a party. It’s a celebration, it’s a jubilee, it’s a dance. As this song is all about celebrating togetherness it’s fitting that it wasn’t all written by one person, it was a collaboration. This is the ninth song from our live album ‘The Journey‘. Lyrics: We are here to […]

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A New Revolution

In the early 90s we started putting on ‘Celebrate Jesus’ gospel events, and a lot of colourful creativity came out of them. This is one of those songs. This is the eigth song from our live album ‘The Journey‘.   Lyrics: A new revolution’s in the air Which Jesus is leading everywhere. A new song is […]

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