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This is my Home

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The Journey album logoCommunity has been right at the centre of who we are with groups of Christians sharing their lives and homes. We’ve found we can create something together that expresses God’s heart in a real and beautiful way, an expression of God’s kingdom on earth.

This is the seventh song from our live album ‘The Journey‘.


This is my home,
The harbour of my soul.
Here have I come,
And here I am made whole.

The breath of God
And the grace of Christ in you
Brings warmth and life
And loyal brotherhood.

2. Here will I stay,
And never shall depart.
I’ll hold this Zion
Deep within my heart.

And I will work
And live my life for you –
The covenant bond
That is forever new.

NCCC © 1991 Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd

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