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Touch the flame

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What if we turned to You again
What if we found the Source again
What if our hearts burned bright with passion that would never end?
What if You heard in heaven
What if You sent Your fire down
What if we let go of our lives and touched the flame again?

Standing in front of You
We have come so nakedly poor and blind
So much we’ve
Done in Your name but
How much fruit is
There ever left behind?

And so we’re waiting,
We’re waiting for You
Oh yes we’re seeking
Seeking Your face again

Longing to know You
To know Your heart beat
We’re starting over
Learning to walk again

Where’s that sense of Holy presence
Where’s the power that fashions history
That shames our unbelief?
We want you back again!


NCCC 2012 Jesus Fellowship Songs/CopyCare Ltd

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