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Emilio Comba

Emilio Comba was a well celebrated Waldensian pastor and historian

Emmy Arnold

Co-founder of the Bruderhof communities, Emmy was Eberhard Arnold's faithful companion and helper as long as he lived

Erlo Stegen

A missionary to the Zulus for 12 years before a Revival broke out in 1966

Evelyn Underhill

An English Anglo-Catholic pacifist and writer on Christian mysticism

Francis Mershman

An American Benedictine monk who wrote articles for the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia

François Fénelon

A French Roman Catholic theologian, poet and writer

Frederick William Bourne

An English preacher and author from Devon

Friedrich Zuendel

A Swiss pastor, author, essayist and friend of Johann Christoph Blumhardt

George Fox

Often considered the founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers

George Macdonald

A Scottish Christian minister, author and poet. He pioneered in the field of fantasy literature.

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

A prolific English writer of the early 20th century, whose writings consistently displayed wit and a sense of humour

Henry Drummond

A man of varied talents perhaps most remembered as gifted evangelist who assisted Dwight L. Moody

Henry Frost

Writing from helpful experience with China Inland Mission, Henry's work 'Miraculous Healing' has become a classic

Henry Suso

A German Dominican friar, noted spiritual writer and mystic

Horatius Bonar

Horatius Bonar (1808-1889) was a Scottish churchman and poet

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