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Jacob Behmen (Jakob Boehme)

1575-1624, The Teutonic Theosopher

Jessie Penn-Lewis

An evangelical speaker during the 1904–1905 Welsh revival, and an author

Johann Christoph Arnold

Senior pastor of the Bruderhof - an international communal movement dedicated to a life of simplicity, service, sharing, and nonviolence

Johann Heinrich Arnold

Son of founders of the Bruderhof Eberhard and Emmy Arnold, Johann served as a pastor the growing movement

John Bunyan

A preacher and writer of the most famous published Christian allegory, The Pilgrim's Progress

John Flavel

A Presbyterian clergyman and prolific and popular author

John Henry Newton

An Anglican clergyman and former slave-ship captain

John Horsch

A leading historian and author in the Mennonite Church in America

John Milton

An English poet, prose polemicist and civil servant

John Owen

An English Nonconformist church leader and theologian

John Tauler

Friar and preacher of Strasburg

John van Ruysbroeck

A Flemish mystic, priest and author

John Wesley

An Anglican cleric and Christian theologian who was the founder of the Methodist movement

John Woolman

An itinerant Quaker preacher who campaigned for justice in the American colonies

Joseph Barber Lightfoot

An English theologian and Bishop of Durham

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