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Weekly Word: Living Water

19th October 2018
At Festivals people looked at three things: Past- Looking back to the Wilderness Present- Looking at how they are now Future- Looking to what they should become On the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles the priests would take water from a fresh source and throw it everywhere. As they showered the emerging water […]

Unchanging God of Change

15th October 2018
It’s a striking image. Fresh, tender leaves unfurl and reach up to their first light, with a single soft white bud forming. But make no mistake, this wee seedling is a force to be reckoned with: to get here it had to break through inches of tarmac and compacted stones. It won the fight.

Weekly Word: The Rock that gives living water

12th October 2018
When you are in the wilderness and very thirsty, you’ll drink anything. There are two occasions when the people of Israel are in the wilderness and complain of being thirsty: In Exodus 17:6 God tells Moses to strike a Rock, and water flowed out for people to drink. Then in Numbers 20:8 God tells Moses […]

Barnabas The Encourager: A Brief Biography

8th October 2018

Both Luke and Apostle Paul write of how Paul and Barnabas worked closely together on their church apostolic adventures. In any study, Paul usually steals the limelight. But what about Barnabas? What did he do? What can we learn from him?

Was Barnabas (Joseph) one of the original 120 on the Day of Pentecost? Or was it [...]

Weekly Word: The Dam in Kingdomland

5th October 2018
To start with it was just an idea. ‘Why don’t we build a dam across Eternallife River? Then we can make it go wherever we want it to!’ They got to work with plans and diagrams. At one time you would have seen bands of merry little people singing and dancing in the morning sunlight […]

Weekly Word: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

28th September 2018
It’s hard when someone we love discards something truly precious for something cheap. Their bad choice is a travesty, it hurts. If we consider the beauty of God’s holiness: His justice, mercy, goodness and forgiveness, that’s exactly what idolatry is like to God. It breaks His heart. Romans 1:18-27 describes how our failure to honour […]

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