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Where we are on the map

22nd March 2019
When you use a sat nav, if you enter inaccurate information or if it’s out of date, you could get lost. Your life is a journey, a pilgrimage to the heavenly city, and as we travel this journey we need to make sure our maps are synced with heaven. God has given us a few […]

Talking to Andrzej of Healing Rivers

21st March 2019

Andrzej leads a small intentional missional community in Hillsborough, Sheffield, called Healing Rivers. Aidan asked him a few questions about what led them to move there and how God’s leading them in simple missional community.

Hi Andrzej. Firstly, who are you and what are you doing? We are a small intentional mis[...]

Mental Hoarding

14th March 2019
The obsession of surrounding oneself with familiar objects seems to me an understandable one, but is plainly one over which some people have no control. The results are often staggeringly extreme. Houses, barns, even factories are all taken over because nothing can be discarded, everything is somehow ‘useful’. The chaos which ensues seems to mirror […]

What Is Mission and Why Should We Have One?

11th March 2019

Missionary. What idea does the word conjure up? ‘Missional’ has become a modern buzzword. But what if it was less about the frenzied activity of a few special people and more about the identity of all God’s people?

Jesus started his earthly ministry by proclaiming the rulership of God on earth and calling everyone to prepare through repent[...]

Preparing the way for the new thing

8th March 2019
History is made through turning points. These are the seasons and momentous occasions in which a shift happens, whether political, technological or ecological. For example, the earliest biblical texts were written around the time the hebrew alphabet was designed (1300 BC – 1200 BC), and in a culture in which stories were usually passed down […]

Piece of bread, peace with God

1st March 2019
Ask yourself these questions: How aware am I that Jesus has died on my behalf, for my sins? How deeply do I feel it? Am I secure in the knowledge of my salvation? Do I have peace that surpasses understanding? We can feel God’s presence in worship songs, get inspired by christian blogs (like this […]

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