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God’s Hands Change Things

14th December 2018

How do you cope with change? One creative friend of mine can only cope with routine for a short time, whereas other friends don't like change at all. Ask other people what you are like when it comes to adapting to change.

We recently held and event on the theme ‘Unchanging God of Change’. God i[...]

Paul Sets off Fireworks in Galatia

11th December 2018

The book of Galatians contains Paul's most forceful language. As a former Pharisee he knew exactly what was at stake as he walked right into the heart of the major controversy of his time. Julia Faire details the explosions.

This is good news, many are finding Jesus BUT these Gentiles who join our religion must do things the right w[...]

Church as a Bride

7th December 2018

In his letter to the church in Ephesus, Paul goes deep into the nature and form of Church.

He waxes lyrical about the riches of Christ that we can enjoy together as we live and love one another as his Church. Not far from the end of the letter, Paul calls husbands and wives to live in unity by pointing t[...]

Metaphors for Church

30th November 2018
How would you describe the smell of, say, lavender? It is soft and fresh. It’s gently fruity, it’s like clean bedsheets. Can you see what I did there? Those metaphors helped us ‘feel’ the smell. And saying the word “feel” is another metaphor! Scripture is stuffed full of a rich variety of metaphors. Jesus was […]

Church is for the kingdom

23rd November 2018
Over recent weeks we’ve been exploring the theme ‘God’s idea of Church’. We’ve seen how Jesus came to bring God’s kingdom to earth. All of us, whether we know it or not, ache for the day His kingdom will be fully revealed. Creation aches with us (Romans 8:18-25). And so everything God does on earth […]

God wants you to live backwards

19th November 2018

We naturally live our lives forwards. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Our past is bound up inside us and it defines us. Our experiences shape our identity. And so the past is often the foundation from which we live, respond to situations and make decisions.

But God doesn’t live l[...]

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