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Getting away from it all

8th September 2017

Last week a small team from Coventry went with 12 asylum seekers and refugees to the Quantock Hills in Somerset – to explore both the beautiful countryside and some of the life-changing promises found in the Bible. Julia Faire writes about their experience.

IT’S 10:30am on Thursday and we bundle our bags into the back of a van – clothes for the un[...]

A festival of healing

4th August 2017

Stories of God meeting people in the midst of festival season.

DESPITE the rain, it’s (apparently) summer, and festival season is upon us. What would you expect to see at an average music festival? In between all the burger vans, portaloos and muddy puddles, you might also catch sight of a gazebo with a sign advertising “free prayer [...]

Spring is coming

14th April 2017

Julia Faire writes about the recent Bible Week in Mount St Bernard Abbey

DRIVING along the Leicestershire country lane, suddenly the tower and imposing mass of sprawling grey stone – Mount St Bernard Abbey appears in the distance. It’s set in several acres of landscaped grounds including ‘Calvary’ (a rocky outcrop topped by a simple cro[...]

The Journey

20th March 2017
“IT really struck me that whatever got thrown at me in life, God was going to be faithful,” says Sarah Veness, talking about the process behind writing “Many Waters”, a song about God’s love. Songs tell stories. They transport us back to times in our lives, remind us of people or places. Danish poet and […]

From Darkness to Light

3rd March 2017

Swedish speaker and author Désirée Kjellin used to be a witch involved with occultism, but a powerful encounter with Jesus transformed her completely.

“IT’S great that yoga suits you”, the psychologist told Désirée. “I think meditation would be the perfect next step.” He recommended these practices with good intentions, wanting to promote Désirée’s menta[...]

Life Aboard the Mercy Ship

2nd February 2017
“FOR all the things that we have done to ourselves as a people, your response is one of love; one that helps us to see a different way, to look at ourselves with a different value. You enable many of our people to live again, to become part of society in a normal way – […]

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