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A festival of healing

Stories of God meeting people in the midst of festival season.

Tent at nightDESPITE the rain, it’s (apparently) summer, and festival season is upon us. What would you expect to see at an average music festival? In between all the burger vans, portaloos and muddy puddles, you might also catch sight of a gazebo with a sign advertising “free prayer for healing”.

Over the last few years, groups of people from the Jesus Fellowship have been setting up in local music festivals (from the YNot festival in Derbyshire, to the Rock and Bike Festival in Leicester) and offering people the chance to come and receive prayer.

It’s a simple format: sitting together in a tent, praying for people if they come and are interested, and seeing how God moves in peoples’ lives. People are also welcome to just come in for a chat if they want to, and many people do.

Praying for people

Andrzej Kurpiel was part of a small team at the YNot music festival in Derbyshire. Despite bad weather resulting in a sea of mud and cancellation of the festival a day early, they had an amazing time.

“We prayed for a girl suffering with anorexia who had just been discharged after three weeks in hospital,” says Andrzej, “We saw God heal someone’s sprained ankle, a  torn Achilles tendon, lower back pain, and shoulder pain. After prayer, one girl received Jesus into her heart. Another tearfully shared about her life, asking for prayer and advice.”

“One great encouragement was a very happy lady, who told us that at the festival last year, she and her husband were on the brink of ending their ten year relationship due to his longstanding depression. Apparently talking to someone on the healing team was a catalyst for him to see a therapist, leading to real improvement for him and for their marriage. They were very grateful. God is good!”

Basic essentialsThere was also a team of people at the Barefoot Festival in Leicestershire this year. Sarah Veness, who was on the team, says:

“People who were healed last year came back to testify to their continued healing from last year and then went on to send other people to us. We saw God at work in so many lives as people asked for physical and emotional healing. About 40 people were prayed for and often brought a friend with them.”

“We were particularly blessed when a trader whose back was healed recommended us to her customers, and at the end of the festival said she had seen how we were a great team and each brought something different to the table but we were united.”

Published 4th August 2017 with tags: healing outreach

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