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A Joyful Jesus Day in London

London Jesus Day band truck

THE people of London might have been surprised on August 20 as a loud and colourful mass of Jesus people were marching through the streets. Our annual London Jesus Day included lots of worship and celebration, and many stood by to take a look and photograph. Some even joined the march, dancing with us to the music.

As usual, the march went to Trafalgar Square, where we had a vibrant gospel presentation for the hundreds of people who were sitting there or walking by. Many participants also took the opportunity to talk with people personally about Jesus.

“I thought the march was amazing this year,” says Hannah Shrive from Kettering. “It was an aura of absolute pure joy! Not only for us involved in the march, but you could also see the joy spreading to all the onlookers who we marched past.”

Setting up a stage on Trafalgar Square

Jack Brown from Northampton says: “Just seeing the youth going out in pairs and bringing the gospel was wonderful to witness. I also got to connect with and strengthen other young Christians from London. God willing I’ll meet up with them to do mission work in the future.”

For Sarah Stenmark from Sweden, it was her first London Jesus Day. “It was fun”, she says. “To joyfully sing worship songs through the streets of London gives a good impression of the church, I think. At Trafalgar Square we reached out with the gospel message very effectively. The lyrics and the artwork touched a lot of people. And it was easy to go around and speak to strangers because most people wonder what’s going on.”

Emanuela Dumitrescu

“Future London Jesus Days”, she adds, “could perhaps include us handing out food to people to make it even easier to talk with them about Jesus. Perhaps we should invest more in things like that rather than stage lights.”

Emanuela Dumitrescu from London also experienced the Jesus Day for the first time. “I was captivated”, she says. “When the march began I was in front. And I remember that at one point, evangelist Chris Needham grabbed the microphone and said to the people that were on sides listening that God can heal them, and all they needed to do, if they want to receive healing, was to stay still. I could see lots of people, all type of nations, standing still in the presence on the Holy Spirit. And I am 100 percent totally convinced that God healed people.”

London Jesus Day is a free gospel event held each summer in central London. It is arranged by the Jesus Fellowship and other churches are very welcome to participate. For information about next year’s event, make sure to follow LJD’s Facebook page.

Published 2nd September 2016 with tags: evangelism events London

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