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The Journey

Journey album Cover“IT really struck me that whatever got thrown at me in life, God was going to be faithful,” says Sarah Veness, talking about the process behind writing “Many Waters”, a song about God’s love.

Songs tell stories. They transport us back to times in our lives, remind us of people or places. Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen says: “Where words fail, music speaks”.

Last year, a group of people from all kinds of backgrounds, young and old, took over one of our church houses, set up a band and invited some friends over for a live event, named “The Journey”.

Over the course of the evening they celebrated God’s faithfulness by telling stories and singing songs written throughout the Jesus Fellowship’s history that together express something of the story of our journey.

Journey discs

From songs that talk about the beauty of being a family in Jesus, to songs that celebrate freedom, to songs praising God simply for who He is, they all reflect different seasons of life.

There is now an album of songs from the evening, representing a selection of the best from 40 years of creativity. Find it here, and enjoy a small glimpse of where God has led us, and where He is leading us in the future.

Published 20th March 2017 with tags: music testimony

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