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Cross Perspective #1, By a Pharisee… (A Religious Leader who opposed Jesus)

So much for your proud boasting, Jesus! Where are your "Father's" legions of angels now then? Just a common criminal, that's what you are, stuck there between two of your sort for all to see.

Ha! The people preferred a mass murderer to you. Given the choice by Pilate, they’d rather have Barabbas set free than you, the so-called miracle worker and self-styled “Son of God”. So what if you “saved” others – healed the sick, delivered the demonised, or raised the dead? You cannot save yourself. So it must have been by demons that you did your charlatan acts. We knew it all along. And this is the “King of Israel”? Stuck there like a pig?

What are you waiting for? Come down from the cross, and even now we will believe in you. You trust in God; let Him rescue you now then. “Son of God”? An illegitimate abomination, more like!


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Published 20th January 2008 with tags: cross cross perspective
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