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Cross Perspective #3, By The Devil

Finally I'm almost there. Just a few more minutes, that's all it will take, and then I've won. From the moment way back at the beginning when I wormed my way into human consciousness and sowed the seeds of doubt about God's intentions, I've worked and waited for this day. "Did God say?" I said.

That’s all it took to sow confusion and set mankind on the downward path to destruction. Sheer brilliance, that’s what it was.

As for you, Jesus, you may have escaped death as a baby. Somehow Joseph got wind of Herod’s plans and took you away. Or again when the people wanted to stone you, but you walked through the crowd and vanished. But death’s caught up with you now.

It could have been so different. Bread you refused. Power you refused. Wordly acclaim you refused. And for what? Where has it got you? A common criminal’s death, that’s what. And if you’d agreed to work with me, you could have had it all.



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Published 20th January 2008 with tags: cross cross perspective


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