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God’s Surprise Plan for a Student

JAKE, 22, gave up all ideas of going to university during his second year of college. At RAW (Real and Wild), a youth event run by the Jesus Fellowship, Jake had a powerful experience of God and decided to leave his future in God’s hands.

“While my friends at college were crying over personal statements and running around to open days, I wasn’t fussed,” says Jake “I felt at peace about it all and finished college without really knowing what I would do next.”

But less than a month after finishing college, Jake was offered a job as an architectural technician; and to his surprise, he was asked to study for an architectural technology degree part-time.

“On enrolment day, I turned up at the University of Northampton,” recalls Jake, “And just told them about the course I wanted to do. About  five minutes later, I was registered on the course. After my friends had spent a whole year sorting it out, it took me five minutes!”

At first, Jake found it difficult to combine his Christian faith and the university lifestyle: “Some days I’d walk around the university and wonder what I was doing. But nowadays, it’s a lot easier. God’s given me more confidence.”

It was perhaps this new found confidence that caused Jake to get in contact with other Christians at the university and get involved with student activities on campus.

“Before last year, I was just going through university and not even thinking about what a good opportunity it is,” admits Jake. “It’s a massive place with about ten thousand young people! I’m looking forward to being a part of what God’s doing here.”

“I haven’t planned it, but this is where I’ve ended up. I’m in the right place at the right time. While I’m here I want to be used by God.”

Published 9th September 2012 with tags: call of God employment students vision

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