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Biggest Issue

So here’s the big issue. People who knew Jesus, uneducated outcasts mainly, turned the world upside down. They changed history with their love and power. Some even died for the sake of what they believed.

Neither a mad man, bad man nor a mythical man could have so inspired them to become martyrs for His cause if they knew it was all a lie.

If Jesus really did rise from the dead that means everything He said must have been true, right? And if He said some outrageous things like “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” and “no one comes to Father God except through Me” that makes Him a bit of a big issue, right?

Jesus Christ, and your response to Him, is the single biggest issue you will ever face.

Jesus is alive. That means you can know Him.

He’s not some distant, uninterested god who’s graduated to nirvana. He’s not a mere philosopher, wise teacher or good man. He claims to be none other than the God who invented the universe. Jesus is not just good, but God.

His offer is astonishing: Jesus took the mess of this world on His shoulders to give you the opportunity of a new start.

He cleared the way, inviting us to be reconciled to God and join Him in His work turning the world the right way up.

He’s waiting for you to respond. Are you ready?

This is part three of a gospel series, adapted from our leaflet “The Biggest Issue”. Find part two here.

Published 8th January 2018 with tags: gospel Jesus

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