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Cross Perspective #5, By God the Father…

Hold on, my Son, hold on. It is almost finished. My final plan to reverse the Satan's plot and the disaster of human evil. They were made for relationship with me. I could never bear to leave them outside forever.

And you, the sinless Man, are the only one who can set this sinful human race free.

You groan and twist, tormented on the cross. Your suffering is my suffering and all the world’s: all condensed into this one moment of unadulterated evil. And then I turn my face away. No evil can dwell in my presence. “Why have you forsaken me?” you cry.

But only for a moment, my son. Hold on. Hold on. Soon you will be with me in glory forever. And because you poured out your life even to death, because you counted yourself with the sinners, death will lose its sting.

Soon you will be with me, seated at my right hand, radiant in light. And those who believe in you will join us here; even though they must cross this world’s way.

“It is finished” you cry.

No more sin, sickness, no more suffering, no more death. Only joy – forever.



What is your perspective on the Cross of Jesus? Put your faith in Him and experience forgiveness and new life. He’s done your dying; join Him in His living. Pray like this:

Jesus, thank You for dying for me. Please come into my life with Your love and forgiveness. Please save me. I freely choose to follow You for the rest of my life.

If you prayed like this, get in touch with some local Christians who can help you on the next step or email:

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