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Turning point of history

There was a man. A couple of millennia ago this Man walked around Palestine talking about His whole new world. All issues would be resolved under His reign, all questions answered, all tears wiped away. Poverty gone. War gone. Religious hatred gone. Ecological destruction gone. Death gone. This Man spoke about life as if He knew what He was on about and got quite a following among the ordinary people. There was something different about this Man, but like scores of other irritants at His time He agitated the establishment. He became just another one of thousands that died impaled to a cross.

But things got a little strange after that. Those few days became the greatest turning point of history.

A couple of days after His burial some of His followers came running with wild, wide eyes, claiming to have seen the tomb open, with the Man Himself up and about.

The authorities didn’t produce the body because they knew very well it was walking around alive saying things like “peace be with you” to people. And in a few months this illiterate ragtag bunch of nobodies were turned into an unstoppable force. They were so transformed by what they saw that their enemies complained they were “turning the world upside down”. This was just the start of the Man’s whole new world, His kingdom, which is still rolling on today, as billions witness to the saving, healing, and world-changing power of the Man: Jesus.

This is part two of a gospel series, adapted from our leaflet “The Biggest Issue”. Find part one here and part three here.

Published 3rd January 2018 with tags: cross gospel Jesus kingdom of God


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