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Just four questions: Joy Hubbard

Joy Hubbard, 20, is studying Community Performing Arts at Liverpool Hope University. She answers just four questions.

Joy HubbardI’VE HEARD some people refer to university as a three-year-long party; what do you do in between essays?

You mean spare time? I don’t have any! But I guess I want to make sure my time is available for what God wants. I want to love people and this means spending time with them and sharing my life with them!

I also try and spend time with God, just me and Him, like a friend.

How have other students reacted to you, as a Christian, on your course?

Lots of people think of Christianity as boring, so I’m happy to change their perceptions.

People have said that they realise how happy I am because I have a church community around me. Because my friends know I’m not boring, or weird, or perfect, they see a different side to Christians, I hope.

There must be lots of pressure around you to succeed. How do you tackle that?

God knows my weaknesses and He loves me all the same. I know I can depend on Him. Courses let you down, lecturers let you down, but God doesn’t.

There is so much pressure to succeed but I know it’s okay to fail. God doesn’t need me to be successful: so I have a lot of scope to fall and be picked back up again. We can be weak and feeble and still reflect Jesus! That’s crazy!

You probably get this question a lot; you’re in your last year of study, what’s next?

My degree runs a module called ‘applied theatre’, so somehow I want to use that in the outside community. I think theatre can be used to explore faith, inspire creativity, make friends and create confidence.

I have a vision for the Jesus Fellowship in the North West to grow. I also long to see people grow as Christians, especially young girls. I’d like to pioneer more houses in the North West and help to strengthen smaller church congregations.

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