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Does your church have a vision?

30th November 2016
In Proverbs we read, “Where there is no vision, people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18). This is crucial for a church. We need to have a vision of what God wants for our church and of what God wants for our individual lives. We need to have a clear understanding of where we are headed. One of […]

Igniting the Flame

11th March 2016
LISA Pearson was brought up in the village of Bugbrooke in Northamptonshire. As a teenager, one evening she was sitting on the wall near the old village chapel and heard loud singing and the buzz of lively voices. Curiosity got the better of her and she wandered in. “I was unchurched,” explained Lisa. “I returned […]

On a mission with a vision

28th March 2014

Laurence Cooper unpacks the new mission and vision statements for the Jesus Fellowship.

OUR VISION Gather a people whose lives are being transformed by Jesus. The person and name of Jesus Christ is of unparalleled importance. His name towers infinitely higher than every other name in significance and worth. This is because Jesus is [...]

‘Fusion’s’ Vision for a Generation

23rd May 2013
“I HAVE freakishly early memories. I remember lying in my cot and seeing my cat looking at me. I’ve found out since then that I must have been only six months old.” One of the first things I find out about Hannah Bowring is her vivid recollections from childhood. “Since then I’ve had a fear […]

Mr Mysterious

20th January 2009

Mr Mysterious thought about all the people he’d met that week.

Mr Different, Little Miss Perfect, Mr Excuses, Little Miss Questions. Mr Mysterious felt a little exhausted. Would his friends ever be happy with so many problems? “Nothing, even the very worst situation, is too big a problem if you’re willing to ask for help” he t[...]

Little Miss Questions

20th January 2009

Little Miss Questions always questioned everything.

At the bakery she asked Mr Baker “What was the best thing before sliced bread?” At the doctor’s she asked Dr Cleverly “Isn’t it a bit worrying that doctors call what they do a practice?” At the bank Little Miss Questions wondered “If money doesn’t grow on trees,[...]

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