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Little Miss Perfect

It was the beginning of another perfect day. Sunbeams poured through pretty curtains and spotless, sparkling windows. Birds sang in a tidy little garden.

Little Miss Perfect brushed her perfect teeth, then went downstairs and picked up the morning post.

She neatly nibbled her breakfast and sipped her coffee.

There were no bills to pay and someone had written to say thank-you for her donation to charity.

Little Miss Perfect checked her hair was in place and smiled again. “Perfect” she thought.

It was time to go to work.

It began to rain. Little Miss Perfect frowned a little. But she kept dry in her shiny, clean car as she drove round the corner to work.

Little Miss Perfect finished all her reports before lunch time. She sat down with a cup of tea and read the newspaper. Little Miss Perfect didn’t read any bad news. She turned to the fashion pages and saw some shoes that she liked.

Little Miss Perfect thought it was time to go shopping.

It was still raining but Little Miss Perfect was happy inside her little car.

Leaving the shop with her new shoes, Little Miss Perfect, heard a voice. “Excuse me” said Mr Mysterious, “I do hope you can help. This little boy has lost his mummy and he is very upset.”

The little boy was crying so much a pool of tears formed around his shoes.

“Well!” said Little Miss Perfect. “Why don’t you ask the policeman? The station is on the far side of town. He’ll know what to do.”

Little Miss Perfect smiled to herself because she had been so very helpful.

That evening it was still raining. But Little Miss Perfect shut her curtains.

She sat in her cosy chair by her little fire and drank a warm cup of cocoa.

And she remembered all the perfect things that had happened today.

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Published 20th January 2009

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