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Little Miss Questions

Little Miss Questions always questioned everything.

At the bakery she asked Mr Baker “What was the best thing before sliced bread?”

At the doctor’s she asked Dr Cleverly “Isn’t it a bit worrying that doctors call what they do a practice?”

At the bank Little Miss Questions wondered “If money doesn’t grow on trees, then why do banks have branches?”

But Little Miss Questions had some more serious questions too.

One night, Little Miss Questions walked down the road and gazed up at the stars. “Someone must know the answers to the big questions” she thought.

And she decided to pay a visit to Mr Mysterious.

Sipping a cup of camomile tea Little Miss Questions asked “What’s the most important thing in the world?”

“Love” replied Mr Mysterious.

“Should people always try to be good?”

“It’s really about what kind of heart you have” answered Mr Mysterious.

“Why do bad things happen?”

“Sometimes we have to wait for the good results to come later.”

Little Miss Questions was impressed by Mr Mysterious’ answers but she wasn’t sure if they were completely right. She wondered who Mr Mysterious really was.

“If you always question everything how will you ever find the answer you need?” Mr Mysterious said mysteriously. “The best question you can ask is about yourself: Why am I here? How can I learn to live the best way possible?”

“But I want to ask the biggest questions no-one can answer too!” said Little Miss Questions excitedly.

“Even though you’ll never get the answer?” asked Mr Mysterious.

“Because one day I might!”

“Well that’s faith for you” said Mr Mysterious.

“Is it?” said Little Miss Questions.

Mr Mysterious smiled.

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Published 20th January 2009

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