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Mr Different

Mr Different smiled a funny sort of smile. Mr Different liked to smile differently from everyone else.

Mr Different didn’t want to be the same as everyone else. He listened to music that other people never listened to. He wore clothes other people never wore.

But Mr Different found he was never the first to be different at anything. When Mr Different bought a new shirt, he found that there were ten people who had bought the same shirt already. When Mr Different went on holiday, he picked the most unusual place he could think of. But when he arrived, some people were returning for their second visit!

Mr Different was upset that he wasn’t as different as he wanted to be. He flopped into his Different Ltd. chair at Different House (which was the same as lots of other people’s houses), sipping a cup of different tea (which tasted the same as lots of other people’s).

There was a knock at the door. It was Mr Mysterious.

“Hola!” said Mr Different.

“How are you?” said Mr Mysterious.

Mr Different’s face fell. “I try to be different” he said “but I keep finding that I’m exactly the same!”

“Oh” said Mr Mysterious “that’s odd. You really are quite different from everyone else I know.”

“I am?” asked Mr Different.

“Yes. You’re unique. Everybody has something special about them. If you look for it in other people, you’ll notice what’s special about yourself.”

Mr Different thought that sounded silly. But the next day he noticed that Miss Jolly had the brightest eyes he’d ever seen. Mr Helpful talked with a very interesting accent. And Mr Humorous had the most unusual flower on his lapel.

And the more Mr Different noticed different things about other people the more special he felt.

In fact he felt so special that he wondered if anyone could feel quite the way he did.

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Published 20th January 2009

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