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Mr Mysterious

Mr Mysterious thought about all the people he’d met that week.

Mr Different, Little Miss Perfect, Mr Excuses, Little Miss Questions. Mr Mysterious felt a little exhausted. Would his friends ever be happy with so many problems?

“Nothing, even the very worst situation, is too big a problem if you’re willing to ask for help” he thought. “You just need to know who to ask.

“After all, it’s not what you know but who you know!” he said to himself.

But no-one knows who Mr Mysterious really is – that’s what makes him so mysterious.

“Ah! But my friends do!” Mr Mysterious answered, almost as if he could read my mind and yours.

“Anybody who is a true friend really does get to know me.”

And he winked mysteriously.

So, whenever you know you need help (and that’s most of the time for most of us), just look to the friendship of Mr Mysterious.

After all, by now you’ve figured out who Mr Mysterious is, haven’t you?

Jesus Christ came to show us who God really is. He loved, healed and taught anyone who would really listen – because He is God in human form. And He promised to rescue anyone who wanted to be rescued from the evil around them and within them.

He showed God’s true love, by letting His own body be destroyed on a Roman cross. Executed like a criminal he soaked up all the hatred and fear that suffocates humanity. And He came back to life as only God could, witnessed by His friends at the time. He’s still alive and He’s waiting, from heaven, to be your friend. You can pray like this:

Jesus, I need Your help. Will You help me start again? Give me a new life that I can share with You and give me friends who will help me to follow You.

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Published 20th January 2009

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