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Faith in the valley

The righteous shall live by his faith
Hab 2:4

God values faith because it is a continual trusting confidence in Him, His goodness and His power to fulfil His promises. Faithful trust reaches out and creates relationship, so it is the key that unlocks everything else.

Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.
D.L. Moody

This is a lesson we’ve learnt many times, sometimes in very practical, down to earth ways. Great faith brings great movement of God.

Hebrews 11 lists many heroes of the faith including Noah, Abraham and Moses, who all went on great journeys of faith. We’ve known movements of God, and we’ve certainly known struggles (often of our own making), and movement can be is slow at times. Over time, though, we can get so attached to what God is doing among us that we forget the One moving us. We lose our reliance on God so the quality of our faith suffers and the movement falters.

It’s easy to have faith when you’re on the mountaintop but harder when you’re down in the valley. We must be wise, understanding where we are and what time we’re in. We’re at the end of one movement with God and in a valley, but God is always faithful. In the past we did a lot and it was easier to just get carried along with the flow without having a genuine, living, personal faith. Our future will not be like our past, but God is unchanging.

Some people travel great distances to chase the movement of God but the greatest quality of faith is faith that has been well tested, and that kind can be found in the valley. That’s the kind of faith we need.

Our call is not to be victorious or successful but to be faithful and to be God’s people now. My biggest concern is that we find a living trust-filled faith that goes beyond an assent to theological theories and facts. This is the struggle – to really put our trust in God.

We each have to ask ourselves “am I a woman/man of faith or am I just going with the flow?” Look around you. See your friends and family with the eyes of faith, with a trusting hope in God’s power to lead, change and restore. Look for the gold in people. Thank God for the valley. Recognise your small group where you belong and where things make sense. We need to strengthen each other and encourage each other, and find strength together. Fresh faith leads to a fresh movement.

Published 24th May 2019


  1. Gill says:

    Thank you very much for this

  2. George Bradford says:

    Qt. from above..”My biggest concern is…faith that goes beyond assent to theological theories etc” I find this concern very disturbing because in 1 Tim ch. 6 vs 3 ” If anyone teaches false doctrines and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, he is conceited and understands nothing” Sound teaching leads to godly behaviour not the other way round. 2 vss.13-14…. Abrams teology of God affected his behaviour!.

    1. Admin says:

      The article doesn’t say we should go beyond belief in orthodox Christian doctrine, but that we should go beyond mere assent to facts (which is the “faith” of demons – James 2:19), rather we should also “really put our trust in God” as the next sentence says.

  3. Hector H. Mabate says:

    please send me more messages…

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