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Redeem or Restore?

Our current teaching theme is ‘Christ the redeemer’.

It got me thinking: what’s the difference between ‘restoration’ and ‘redemption’?

To restore is to re-establish, to bring back into existence.

To redeem is to recover ownership by paying a price.

So, should we be praying for restoration or redemption? Let’s pray for God to retake ownership of us. This is far more beautiful, precious and unknown because instead of starting with our past it starts with Jesus’s Lordship, his plan, his ways and his means.

Let’s know our need of God and come to Him in humility knowing our need of His redeeming love, then He can change us.

We must approach each other in that way too – knowing our need of each other, and that we haven’t got all the answers. New people have fresh attitudes and ideas that God can use, let’s be open to them.

Published 7th September 2018
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