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The Dam in Kingdomland

To start with it was just an idea.

‘Why don’t we build a dam across Eternallife River? Then we can make it go wherever we want it to!’ They got to work with plans and diagrams. At one time you would have seen bands of merry little people singing and dancing in the morning sunlight as they drank from the river and gathered fruit from the hedgerows. But now they were far too busy.

Soon the dam was finished and they were proud of their work. Even visitors from Sinfulgloom came to admire it. The little people settled down to cultivate their own plots, and were glad they didn’t have to dance to the river any more. So they all got fat! What’s more, they built houses to keep themselves warm. (Once they just huddled together.)

But some got sick, and arguments broke out about who owned what. Then the water became stagnant and a film grew over their eyes. The leaders were very worried and as they discussed it together, there was a knock at the door. The Ruler of Kingdomland stood before them. How had they managed to forget him? A silence fell as they gazed into his face. He was angry, but there were tears in his eyes.

‘What have you done to my beautiful land?’ he asked quietly. They bowed their heads in shame.

‘My little people, I fear that the blindness of Sinfulgloom has come upon you.’ His words made them sad, and before long they were all crying. As they wept, their eyes became clear again. ‘Now see what I will do! Gather everyone together on the highest hills!’

The tears flowed into the night as the little people came together and looked on the land they had spoiled. Then suddenly the night sky was torn by great flashes of lightning. The rains came down, and the channels swelled, until with an almighty crash the dam burst open and the swirling torrent swept everything away before it.

As the morning sun crept over the land they saw it was beautiful and fresh as once before.

Published 5th October 2018

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