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A City To Dwell In

A collection of poems from the Jesus Fellowship.

This excerpt:
Chapter 2 – At home in mystery
Exploring and knowing God

The collection of poems in this 125 page anthology might be seen as a glimpse of the experiences of some in the Jesus Fellowship story. It certainly allows us to share in some of God’s dealings with them along the way. It tells of a discovery of God which led a group of Christians to form something far bigger than any individual: An ‘alternative society’ where the New Testament became a living reality and God shaped many to become a people for His possession – His Zion, a city to dwell in.





14 chapters:

  1. All speak of Him, the Creator
  2. At home in mystery
  3. How I long for more of You!
  4. You came, to love, to die
  5. The me I was always destined to be
  6. There’s a season to cry
  7. Give me back the love of dying!
  8. Zion, dwelling of God
  9. Needing one another
  10. Covenant Bond
  11. I have a gift that brings me joy
  12. I’m introducing you to the man who’ll change your life
  13. Where are the fiery men
  14. A glorious morn awaits us yet

125 pages. Multiply Pubs, 2006.

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