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Covenant People

A vision for Christian commitment today

This excerpt: Chapter 4, Covenant In The New Testament

In this fast-moving, “me” and “multiple choice” age, there is a need to outline and establish again the commitment needed for strong churches to flourish.

In Covenant People, Julia faire presents a vision for such commitment. The idea of making a covenant – to God and to each other – is explored, its biblical basis established, its whys and wherefores considered. In addition, six covenant members of the Jesus Fellowship tell their stories, sharing how such covenant commitment is worked out ‘in pain and tears, jot and laughter and with many unforeseen trials.’

There is a battle to be fought and won, a lost generation to be won fort Christ, a solid church to be built within a fragmented and unstable society. there is a need for a drawing of the lines, consolidation and fresh vision if the Church is not going to largely disappear amidst the fog of confusion and disarray that characterises our present society.
– Julia faire, from the Introduction

119 pages. Multiply Pubs, 2006.

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