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The Bestseller

A bird’s-eye view of the Bible

Yes, the Bible is the world’s all-time best-seller.

It has been translated into most of the world’s languages. Yet, unlike most other best-sellers, it often gathers dust on the shelf!

Research by the Scripture Union at the end of the twentieth century showed that fewer Christians read the bible regularly than at any point during that century, and a large proportion of 15’s – 25’s hardly read it at all!

These days we can’t say it’s too hard to read, because there are excellent modern versions available.

It probably has more to do with the fact that the Bible isn’t just one book – it’s a library! There’s history, law, poetry, biography, romance and adventure.

But where do you start? Where do you look? You need to have a ‘balanced diet’ in what you read. There is danger in only learning a few ‘favourite’ verses or sticking to ‘easy’ books. We need the wider picture, or we will get things out of context.

This booklet is designed to help by giving an overview of the Bible with a brief summary and outline of each of its 66 books.

A Multiply ‘Let’s Talk ’ Booklet for those wanting to experience living Christianity

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