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Your Baptism

For more than twenty years I have been privileged to meet and teach hundreds of new disciples of Jesus. Many of these have been rescued from great loneliness and moral danger. As a “father” with his “sons and daughters” I have rejoiced as they have become men and women of God. the heart of this teaching is set out in this booklet. It is intended to help prepare new believers for baptism and church membership.

With the national spread of the Jesus Fellowship and the growth of the Multiply Stream of Churches, I believe this booklet and others in this series, will play an important part in all God is doing in these exciting days of Holy Spirit revival and Jesus Revolution.

May the Holy Spirit anoint the pages of Your Baptism to give light to many, so that they may experience the fulness of baptism.

– Noel Stanton, from the introduction
April 1994

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