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Anonymous works

  • Didache

    (20 pages)

    The Didache, or The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, is a brief early Christian treatise, dated by most scholars to the late first or early 2nd century.

  • The Martyrdom of Polycarp

    (7 pages)

    “The Encyclical Epistle of the Church at Smyrna,Concerning the Martyrdom of St. Polycarp”

  • The Cloud of Unknowing

    (115 pages)

    A Book of Contemplation Which Is Called The Cloud Of Unknowing, In Which A Soul Is Oned With God

  • Theologica Germanica

    (51 pages)

    This work was discovered and published in 1516 by Martin Luther, who said of it that “Next to the Bible and St. Augustine, no book has ever come into my hands from which I have learnt more of God and Christ, and man and all things that are.” It has since appealed to Christians of all persuasions.

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