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John Owen

John Owen (1616-1683) was an English Nonconformist church leader and theologian.

  • Mortification of sin in the believer

    Mortification of sin in the believer

    John Owen was essentially a pastoral theologian, and in his best writings, his pastoral concern and acute doctrinal instinct are inseparable. On the Mortification of Sin, the substance of a series of addresses on Romans viii. 13, provides teaching in a vital but neglected aspect of Christianity. Owen takes up many of the questions that occur to every believer in the battle against sin.

  • The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevalence of the Remainders of Indwelling Sin in Believers

    (193 pages)

    “Together with the ways of its working and means of prevention, opened, shown, and applied with a resolution of sundry related cases of conscience.”

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