Closure Administration

Since December 2020, The Jesus Fellowship Community Trust has existed solely as a residuary body with one purpose – winding up the administrative affairs of the Jesus Fellowship Church. New trustees and a CEO were brought in to oversee this work, which includes implementing the redress scheme, supporting survivors and former members, and ultimately closing the Trust.

Board of Trustees

Professional Trustee: Martin Desborough
Professional Trustee: Johan van den Heever
Trustee: Colin Ridley
Trustee: Maggie Stokell
Trustee: Dave Evans


Berrymans Lace Mawer LLP (BLM)

King’s House
42 King St West
M3 2NU

Gaddu & Hall Ltd

Jewellery Business Centre
95 Spencer Street
B18 6DA


Grant Thornton UK LLP

The Colmore Building
20 Colmore Circus
B4 6AT